FieldEquip brings intelligence to your business operations through automation, measurement, planning, and scheduling by offering a proactive and reliable software that is manufacturer agnostic and can be integrated with any system. If you are in the Postal, E-Commerce, or Packaging industries, our solutions can take your business to the next level. Build trust with customers, keep track and prevent system breakdown, and even schedule work hours with our all-in-one system.

postal packaging Ecommerce data collection software


package receiving software


Automate your Mail & Package pick up with FieldEquip’s mobile application. You will get a real-time view so that you can track incoming volume and prepare the necessary resources. When needed, you will be able to set real-time alerts so that you can know when mail is picked up from a customer’s location and when it gets to your facility or vise versa.

Systemize your process to make sure your materials are arriving at their stations with ease. Use our program to generate and scan barcodes so that you can remove the bottleneck of validation at every stage. Our mobile application is perfect for automating the receiving line at your production facility. In addition, separate the mail and package streams so that you get all materials to their right machine.

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field service automation software


If you need to track asset failure fast, then automate your field service operations with FieldEquip. Our program tracks asset failure in real-time so that you can do your job perfectly and respond to issues fast. Our program will send notifications to the correct team when it detects failures before they occur.

Using FieldEquip AI, businesses can solve issues and dispatch field service technicians via both desktop and mobile. Make sure that the right team is getting to the right place and automate your payroll process with ease.

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spare parts inventory management software


Track critical and noncritical equipment with a real-time view of your warehouse or onsite inventory to ensure that you’ll never lose productivity. Choose notifications for low inventory that is directly or indirectly affecting your productivity. Track what’s in the fleet cars to know what inventory is mobile in comparison to what is in the warehouse. Once a reorder point has been reached, receive a notification to ensure you won’t run out of supply.

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Postal Production Planning


FieldEquip offers a pickup solution that lets you know the exact volume of packages you will receive on a daily basis. This program allows you to stay ahead in the planning of your production by giving the numbers needed to estimate your needed machine running hours. Use those numbers to look at your needed operators and production capacity. Our production planning software allows you to do more with the same capacity via better planning and estimation.

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Schedule Worker Daily Tasks in Packaging Industry


Track your team’s hours, resources, availability, and cost with an easy-to-use dashboard. Use important information to quickly assign tasks that best suit each skill set, pay level, location in relation to the site, and availability. Ensure you’re avoiding SLA breaches with our self-learning engine and easy-to-read schedule.

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sla kpi reporting


Setup your SLA & KPI using FieldEquip’s program. Set needed parameters for KPI so that you can keep track of work progress with goals in mind. Receive a notification for any deviation from your KPIs. Create SLA with clients across multiple time zones in a manner that each stakeholder understands the ins and outs of the contract. Pause, suspend, or close SLAs as required.

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