Pickup & Receiving Automation

Keep Production Running Smoothly by Streamlining Your Mail

Create pickup routes on the go with FieldEquip. Each route is displayed in real-time so that any unexpected last-minute pickups can be added in to avoid unnecessary trips. Once a stop is added, drivers will be notified by the system to avoid any miscommunications.

The mobile app is integrable with Bluetooth thermal printers so that you may print any pickup receipts or barcodes, allowing for a further streamlined process. The intuitive interface is perfect for use by the drivers without any training allowing the receiving operations at the production facility and the business as a whole to be more productive from day one.


Optimize Machine Availability with package delivery software

Optimize the Machine availability

With FieldEquip’s real-time dashboard, you will be able to track the pickup trucks as they perform their route. Once the truck has completed its pickup, receive actual volume reports so that you can plan production for the day. Real-time information about the mail stream will let production teams plan and manage their machines‘ availability.

Examples include mail sorters, parcel sorters, or carton wraps. Use the barcodes and data provided to split the mail stream and route to correct machines right upon arrival using the receiving mobile application to avoid any delays.

Reduce Missorts and Invoice Errors

Rather than sending one truck for a particular package type/size, save money to pick up multiple product types via a single truck without sacrificing your organization, in terms of efficiency or confusion, using our readable and printable barcodes feature. Sort first class mail, flat mail, parcels and so on with the right customer in mind using Bluetooth thermal printer barcodes for each mail stream. Using an automated system, avoid any missorting, mislabeling, or invoicing errors that manual sorting and labeling can cause.

Barcodes using Packaging Machine
Optimize Route for Package Delivery Van

Reduce Truck Mileage and Increase productivity

The FieldEquip AI will study your pickup routes, mail & package volume, delivery time, and other factors for a few months. Following this study, it will produce an AI optimize pickup route model automatically. Watch this route in real-time with the ability to add on last-minute changes when unexpected occurrences happen. Reduce the mileage from unoptimized routes and second trips while increasing productivity.

Build Trust With Your Customers

Build trust with your customers by providing a real-time view of your operations to them. Transparently notify them as soon as pickup is completed, once it reached the production facility, and again when it leaves. Use this information to show your KPI’s to build trust with your customers.

Build Trust on Customers

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