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The Painstaking Efforts of Organizing Field Tickets from Lengthy Project-based Services

A significant number of field service providers across industries continually face the challenge of gathering, combining, and reporting information of multi-crew multi-day field jobs.  Such extensive field projects require well-coordinated efforts to ensure that the appropriate resources are assigned to specific tasks at the right time, and that their time on the job is accurately recorded within the required timeframe.  Paper-based processes and dated field ticketing legacy systems require painstaking information-gathering efforts by administrative personnel and still likely result in missed information and reported errors.

Project-based field services require a modernized field service management system with a user-friendly mobile app that allows field service workers to record their travel time, time on the job, used materials, rental equipment time, incidentals, and other required information, effortlessly.

Such project-based field services are prevalent in industries such as:

  • Energy and Utilities
  • Industrials
  • Construction
  • Telecommunications
  • Oil and gas
Field Service solution

Challenges with Managing Multi-resources Project-based Field Services :

  • Gathering of field tickets from multiple field resources associated with specific projects
  • Assigning and scheduling multiple crews to a field service project
  • Ability to automatically gauge field project’s cost to invoiced amounts
  • Define dependencies of work orders for different tasks/jobs such as pre-work surveys
  • Ability to easily select field resources with specific skills and certifications
  • Establish an effective method of communication across field and back-office functions
  • Submit on time error-free invoices to customers

What is required from software that can automate your field project-based services?

A good field service management (FSM) software that easily captures each field crew member’s time on the job and all other required information while seamlessly combining and organizing field project-specific data.  It needs to automate workflows and provide accurate reporting for timekeeping and invoicing.

  • Ease of Scheduling and Dispatching Crews

A scheduling and dispatch feature that can assign resources by skill set routinely for extended periods.  A mobile application that provides field service workers essential job-related information and allows them to  record required information easily. 

Field Crew Scheduling software

  •  Project-Based Relevant Dashboards

Metrics that provide visibility to a job’s overall cost compared to quoted price or projected revenue.  Showing job performance by cost category such as labor, consumed materials, equipment rental, and incidentals. Such dashboards can be valuable indicators for assessing job-completion timelines.

Project Based Field Service Software  

  • Field Projects-specific Inspections and Task Checklist Templates

Inspection and task checklists that can be easily formatted and configured by the end-user. Digital checklists establish consistent practices and develop procedural and asset maintenance knowledge that improve the field tech’s skills, and help avoid missed steps and missteps. 

  • Alerts and notifications to Interdependent Jobs 

Various methods of communication that provide field project-related information to all involved.  The ability to inform of site or asset pre-work conditions and requirements. Able to send alerts and notifications when detecting workflow variances requiring corrective action. 

Notification System for Smooth Workflow

  • Flexible Mobile App for Field Data Collection

An intuitive mobile application that efficiently allows field personnel to record, retrieve, and access work order-relevant information from anywhere.  A mobile app that provides valuable features as tools to capture job or asset-related images, videos, and Geolocation information.

  • Approval Workflows & Invoicing

Approval steps that allow for management or administrative review to ensure reported information accuracy and completeness. This approval step within the workflow potentially prevents missing chargeable time or items (revenue leakage) and post-invoicing customer disputes.

Digital Invoicing Software

The Gist

Are you interested in streamlining your field service projects with the abovementioned best practices? FieldEquip is here to cover you with a reliable solution leveraging the Project-Based Field Service Management Software. The best software for service businesses can effortlessly gather all project-related field tickets, streamline them, digitally collect data, and smoothly generate detailed reports capturing field-related costs and taxable items. If that caught your attention and you feel the urge to learn more about the software, get in touch with us now. We would love to assist you!

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