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FieldEquip Launches EquipConnect IoT Module as a Stand-Alone Product

Houston, TX, December 22, 2020 – FieldEquip team is excited to announce the launch of its new product EquipConnect, an IoT solution developed using advanced technology to fulfill the needs of the field service industry. EquipConnect is a powerful IoT (Internet of Things) solution that supports real-time productivity monitoring, predicting equipment health, and failures to sustain maximum uptime. EquipConnect integrates with edge gateway and connected with Equipment securely to track the data and provides real-time actionable insights necessary to support local operations and take corrective actions. This helps in automating the field operations and ensures the smooth functioning of equipment and industrial assets.

Bursys’s 14 years of experience servicing clients in this domain enables us to develop a solution that can improve the overall field service efficiency and productivity.  We understand the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect the field assets/ equipment and the need to convert log files into data streams that are easily readable and actionable. In addition, EquipConnect automatically notifies the customers about the equipment’s critical faults through messaging, notifications, and emails.

Equipped with an extensive range of features, EquipConnect provides customers the capability to measure KPIs, have true visibility into Equipment productivity, receive alert notifications on critical faults, and schedule predictive maintenance. Combination of IoT and machine learning capabilities of EquipConnect with FieldEquip’s core field service management provides a true asset management solution of the future.

Prat Gupta, CEO and Founder of FieldEquip said “EquipConnect’s IoT and machine learning capabilities provide real-time visibility, intelligent diagnostic capabilities into our FieldEquip’s core field service management platform. This makes FieldEquip a unique innovative technology that enables future field service, today!”

About FieldEquip

Founded in March 2016, FieldEquip is a Cloud/SaaS software development company. This Field Service Management and IoT Big Data Analytics Platform serves different industries like oil & gas, industrial equipment, postal and packaging, healthcare, HVAC, OEM’s, etc. Using the combination of machine learning, AI, and IoT, FieldEquip performs data collection and analytics to deliver real-time monitoring, diagnosis, and intelligence for field/facility operations including equipment, personnel, and assets. For more information, please contact us at

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