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FieldEquip Digitalizes a Leading Oil Field Services and Tool Rental Company’s Processes with Mobile Technology

Houston, TX, August 26, 2022 – FieldEquip is pleased to announce the successful implementation of its cloud-based data-driven inventory management solution for Flo-Rite Fluids Inc., a leading Oilfield Tool Rental Company in Texas. FieldEquip’s advanced solution helped the company centralize all the workflows onto one platform and streamlined managing field and back-office transactions and processes.

Flo-Rite Fluids Inc. needed a single-platform software solution that would give them complete visibility and history of the installed base by customer, well-site, and unit information and location. FieldEquip provided the company with the required visibility and helped them easily record transfers of units within its installed base and new units’ leases and installations.

FieldEquip helped the client reduce invoicing and payment delays, expedited cash receipt by improving data accuracy, and made inventories easily accessible. The client now has visibility of all field inventory at customer sites, stocking locations, and their main warehouse.

While speaking about the experience with FieldEquip, Brandt Poulin – VP of Operations at Flo-Rite Fluids Inc., said, “We enjoy having FieldEquip as an inventory management device. The team can now easily report and correct tools-transfers within our customers’ sites. It has made our field and warehouse inventory management process easy to manage and administratively improved our invoicing accuracy while reducing processing time.”

Brandt added, “Being a tool rental company, it is vital for us to keep track of our assets around the clock, and with FieldEquip’s powerful features, we experienced the ease that we have been looking for in a solution. The results we are getting are incredible.”

Prat Gupta, CEO and Founder of FieldEquip, said, “We take great pride in delivering value to our clients, turning their challenges into opportunities, and helping them reinvent their businesses for growth. With FieldEquip’s feature-rich portfolio, we were able to configure the most suitable solution for our client’s specific business needs. FieldEquip’s mobile app gave Flo-Rite Fluids access to inventory data and helped them eliminate discrepancies between the system’s data and actual physical inventory.”

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