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How Field Service Software Can Save Your Business Money in 2021

Businesses across the nation are starting 2021 facing the aftermath of a turmoil-filled year. This new year presents new opportunities for recovery and growth. Field service software is a vital tool in helping businesses raise their 2021 trajectory. Here is a closer look at field service software and how it can help your business meet its new year goals.

Maintain Proper Levels of Supplies and Resources with Real-Time Data

Field service professionals are often familiar with the constant supply and demand conflict that this industry has to navigate:

  • Reserving too much equipment, inventory, or personnel often wastes significant time and money. 
  • Reserving too little equipment, inventory, or personnel can cause your business to miss out on job opportunities, lose customers, or fail to meet deadlines. 

Thankfully, supply levels are no longer a guessing game for businesses with field service software. IoT Monitoring can provide real-time data analysis of your supply and demand. This innovative AI technology gathers, translates, and synthesizes this information for you. Having the latest technology on your side can help you make data-driven decisions that save your business time, money, and trouble.

Improved Productivity: Lower Opportunity Costs

Is your business missing out on money that exists outside of your capacity? Especially in field service businesses, valuable time can often be wasted by:

  • Communication delays between field workers, office administrators, and customers.
  • Inefficient dispatch and scheduling.
  • Recovering lost or damaged forms, which are common in field service industries.
  • Lags in proposal and work order management processes.
  • Time-consuming logging, filing, and retrieving documents.
  • Manual invoicing processes.
  • Correcting numerical or spelling errors that software systems catch.
  • Navigating the miscommunications from hard-to-read handwriting.

Field service software helps you sidestep all of these challenges within a single solution. Streamline communication, digitize administrative tasks, and enjoy the benefits of mobile forms, which are significantly easier to complete, send, save, share, and read. By improving your in-house productivity, you can help your business reach its full potential and eliminate your opportunity costs. 

Predictive and Preventative Maintenance

Industrial machinery and equipment performance often drives the success of field service businesses. Manufacturer-recommended maintenance is necessary to keep machinery and equipment protected, helping you save in multiple facets of your business:

  • Avoid production delays: When your equipment is down, your company’s production can come to a halt. Every minute your machinery is idle comes out of your company’s wallet.
  • Smaller system issues: Maintenance visits often allow your technician to find system problems early, meaning that malfunctions are often smaller and more affordable to repair. 
  • Fewer repairs: Properly-maintained equipment leads to less frequently-needed repairs. 
  • Preventing issues: The primary point of maintenance visits is to prevent issues that you would otherwise encounter—in addition to the costs associated with these issues.
  • Operational efficiency: Poorly-maintained equipment impacts production goals and causes missed deadlines, resulting in revenue and profit losses. Inefficient equipment can also require frequent visits from your field service personnel, causing resource scheduling conflicts and utilization issues. Maintenance can help you save money by improving your operational efficiency.
  • Longer lifespan: You can prevent costly equipment replacements by extending the lifespan of your machinery. 

So how can field service software help? Software with asset tracking uses both real-time data and analytics to monitor your machinery health, predict equipment failure, and notify you in advance about needed preventative maintenance.

Customer Self-Service

In most field service industries,  maintaining transparency with customers can be an ongoing challenge. If you are struggling to keep up with customer questions and communications, you might be addressing the symptom of your transparency issue rather than its source. Field service software offers a better solution that saves your business time and money: customer self-service portals

What are self-service portals?

Customer self-service portals organize your company’s information into easy-to-read dashboards for clients. On-screen guidance helps users interact with the dashboards and interpret this data. This component of field service software provides customers with enhanced transparency—answering most of their questions before they can ask them. 

What about remaining customer questions?

Your customers may still have unique questions that  need answers . Many possible remaining questions can be filtered and answered through chatbots, live “Talk to Us” integrations, and other streamlined software communication options. Customers can then be directly connected to your remote team of professionals with any remaining concerns. 

How can this save my business money?

By minimizing the effort needed to maintain industry-leading customer relations, your business can save significant amounts of in-house time, which results in fewer overhead customer service costs. Best of all, this software provides your customers with an elevated service experience, which can improve your customer retention, satisfaction, and referral rates. 

Overhead Efficiency

One of the easiest ways to save your business money is by minimizing your expenses. Many companies are surprised by the money and time they save when switching to mobile forms and digitized internal processes supported by field service software. This can include the costs of printing, ink, paper, filing, mailing, and shredding, among other purchases. Not only is this good for your wallet, but this also helps your business become more environmentally-friendly. 

FieldEquip: Field Service Software You Can Trust

If you are ready to start saving your business time and money with field service software, FieldEquip is here for you. Our innovative software and in-house technology unlock a new level of efficiency for your business. Beyond just saving money, you can improve your employee and customer satisfaction, improve your productivity, streamline internal processes, and bridge gaps in communication. FieldEquip software caters towards field service organizations across industries, including:

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