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“FSM Software can make the future of Power Utility Services industry smarter, stronger, and better connected,” says Prat, CEO of Bursys

The Power Utility Services companies are undergoing tremendous changes. In addition to regular construction of transmission, distribution of power lines, and substation build-up, their services are in high demand post storms. Initially, the projects used to be executed manually and required a lot of labor and patience for completion. However, over the years, the industry landscape has evolved. It is rapidly shifting towards incorporating next-gen technologies to manage field operations remotely, remain in compliance, and become more efficient by eliminating manual work. 

I have witnessed tech companies continuously building powerful software that allow the industry to experience increased safety on-site, better engagement between teams, and fewer accidents during operations.

The Power Utility Services industry is rapidly evolving, and technology innovation can play a key role in making it smarter, stronger, and better connected.

I believe that if Power Utility Services companies fail to digitize their business today, they risk becoming uncompetitive. Labor shortage and increased wages due to inflation are leading to unprecedented cost pressures and forcing companies to look for better technology to stay competitive. In addition, high turn-over and the introduction of a young workforce that is more tech-savvy require the use of better software solutions to grow. Construction companies can’t stay competitive in this digital economy while operating on an obsolete system. It is time that they start viewing cloud-based software as a competitive advantage in field operations management.

Since most of the related services occur in the field, companies must be able to manage their workers and operations remotely. Today, field service managers working on a power industry project have a lot of work on their plates. Thus, ensuring that field workers deliver their best in every project should be their least worries. This is the key reason these companies must invest in reliable field service management software that can help them prevent cost overruns and drive customer satisfaction.

Being in the technology industry for over decades, I have witnessed the revolutionization of different industries by using innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud software solutions. A field service management software can empower such companies through seamless integration between remote workforce, back-office, and customer, helping them get a competitive edge.

                                “Power Utility Services Companies Must Focus on Field Service Management Software to Boost Productivity in Business.”

A field service management software can help Power Utility Services companies address the key challenges. It empowers them with powerful, real-time dashboards to monitor the progress of field jobs and smart workflow capabilities for a well-connected field worker and back office. 

Utility services companies that provide power transmission/distribution line construction and maintenance haven’t adopted operational technologies as fast as the Utility companies. Now, the Utility service companies are being forced to automate their operations more than ever. As a result, workforce visibility, data entry at source, and integrations with other agencies to stay in compliance have become very important for these companies.

Having collaborated so closely with my team in developing our field service management software FieldEquip, I would sum up the key value adds for the businesses as-

  • Well-connected field workers and managers
  • 360-Degree view through real-time field updates
  • Efficient and error-free field data entry using Mobile devices
  • Robust scheduling and dispatching capabilities
  • Easily integrates with existing software, systems, and equipment
  • Inbuilt GPS tracker to keep field technicians informed and minimize unexpected downtime
  • Faster job approvals from the customers using digital means
  • Faster and accurate invoicing leading to timely cash flow

The Way Forward 

Companies must leverage automated, integrated, and innovative software to fulfill the back office, field operations, and personnel needs and achieve next-level success. In addition, they must deploy advanced cloud-based field service management software to stay competitive. 

Leading companies understand this dire need and have already started leveraging modern solutions. Yet, at the same time, laggards continue to rely on static project documents, manual processes, email, and spreadsheets to get the job done. Our clients have witnessed a 30%-40% increase in efficiency after the implementation of FieldEquip. 

Our field service management software FieldEquip can help many Power Utility Service companies improve on-site performance, enhance customer experience, simplify administrative tasks, and manage their teams effectively. Check out the FieldEquip demo now to see the value it can add to your daily field operations and overall business.

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