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How to Optimize both Workflow and Asset Management with Field Service Software

The field service industry works a lot like a machine: several moving parts all rely on one another to accomplish a successful outcome. When one of these moving parts fails, it has the potential to shut down the entire system. As such, comprehensive management solutions are essential to maintaining a field service business. 

So why do most field service management software systems only address one part of the business? Professionals in this industry often have to choose between software with capable workflow management and effective asset management. At FieldEquip, we believe that FSM software should do both. Let’s take a look at how you can optimize both workflow and asset management within a single FSM solution. 

Field service professional connecting on-site with FSM software

Are You Overpaying for FSM Software Solutions?

If you are like most field service businesses, chances are that you have found an FSM software with incredible field service asset management solutions but subpar inventory and workflow capabilities (or vice versa). While piecing together software solutions might get you where you need to go, chances are you are taking the long route—and losing valuable time and money along the way. Let’s take a look at some of the challenges field service businesses face when left without a comprehensive FSM solution:

  • Streamlining internal processes: Asset management and workflow management go hand-in-hand. Your company needs to ensure that technicians are in the right place at the right time with the right tools. When transferring and translating data across multiple systems, you are likely to encounter challenges and inefficiencies while incurring additional costs.
  • Billing and invoicing: When you manage your workflow and assets across different platforms, it can be difficult to automate your invoicing process. You may need to track your maintenance and repairs in one platform and transfer the data to a separate platform for billing. 
  • Financial overlaps: When you pay for multiple software systems and subscriptions, these charges add up. Are you spreading your budget across an array of software systems with the hope of achieving effective results? You can help save on overhead costs by investing in a single software system that does it all. 

So how can you optimize all of your services on a single field service management platform? 

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Workflow Management Software

Managing every facet of your field service business can seem like a challenge, but the right software solution will make this easier than you could imagine. Some of the solutions your business may need include:

  • Customized workflow and notifications: Automated workflow systems connect technicians with the back office while tracking workflow progress. Once a technician completes their task, this system provides them with all of the details of their next assignment—effectively increasing productivity.
  • Geo-tracking and geo-fencing: The latest technology can give you a full overview of your technicians and their movement. Geo-tracking and geo-fencing technology help you efficiently and effectively manage your field service business.
  • Analytics and reporting: Long gone are the days of relying on estimates in your workflow management. Dashboards, analytics, and reports can synthesize your company’s information into actionable insights—helping you make data-driven decisions.  

To make these solutions effective in the field service industry, they will also require mobile capabilities.

Two field service workers using an app

Mobile Apps for Field Service Management

Mobile field service management software can help technicians access the tools and information they need on the go. Scheduling and dispatch software capability can send the information your technicians need straight to their smartphones. Your technicians can also record valuable information and capture customer signatures with ease, reducing the service-to-cash cycle. 

Intelligent Inventory management

Inventory management inefficiencies can quickly disrupt your service-to-cash cycle. If the inventory is not accessible to a technician when they need it, it can delay service and cause repeat visits. Additionally, when money is tied up in unused inventory, you might leave your business tight for cash. Worst of all, unused inventory could potentially become obsolete, causing unnecessary write-offs to hit your bottom line. This is why intelligent inventory management is key to effective field service management software. 

You need a software system that tracks your inventory across warehouses, stocking depots, and (most importantly) technician trucks. This can help create the clearest picture of your inventory for both your technicians and your back office.

Person in a warehouse using inventory management solutions

Asset Management Software

How do you keep track of your customer assets? Field service businesses often have to keep track of thousands of machines across hundreds of customers. The right asset management software will help you manage this data with ease. 

Asset management solutions

When purchasing asset management software for field service businesses, some essential features include:

  • Predictive and preventive maintenance: How do you repair an issue before it becomes a problem? Technicians used to rely on guesswork and constant in-person checks. The latest asset management solutions use IoT and AI technology and knowledge-based features to maintain predictive and preventive maintenance routines. 
  • Asset Work History: When a technician is working on a job, it is essential they have access to the machinery’s work history. Otherwise, you may find technicians making repeated visits to carry out the same ineffective solutions. Asset management solutions should also make relevant resources available, including asset schematics, drawings, manufacturer guidelines, and training manuals.
  • Customer portals: When you manage customer assets, you are also responsible for managing your customer relationships. Your clients will want to see data, progress, and proof of your work. A software system with customer portal capabilities will put all of this information in one place for your customers. 
  • Service and inspection checklists: It can be hard to remember each step of a service or inspection process, which is why so many field service businesses turn to checklists. Mobile task and inspection checklists are customizable and accessible for field service technicians. 

This is just a brief overview of the asset management features an advanced field service software can provide. You can take a closer look at these and other FSM solutions here

FieldEquip: Your All-In-One FSM Software Solution

FieldEquip offers an all-in-one software solution for field service businesses. Unlike other software providers, we have highly effective solutions for both workflow and asset management in field service industries. We also customize your plan, ensuring you only pay for the software features and tools your business needs. You can schedule your free demo or contact our experts to get started today. 

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