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Automate Your Drilling and Work-over Rig Mast Inspection Process Using FieldEquip!

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Are you still using traditional paper based process for Mast Inspection?

FieldEquip provides the digital platform to automate the Mast inspection process in a simpler way. It provides the capability to create the multiyear Digital Inspection plans. With FieldEquip you can create the inspection points digitally on the 2D drawings and automate the Inspection work order process.

FieldEquip mobile app provides the capability to inspect the Mast online or offline, capture images of the inspection points and see previous history on the go.

FieldEquip deliver many benefits:

  • Get notified if there is any deviation from standards to avoid any failures.
  • Generate various kind of reports for analysis and compliance.
  • Avoid potential hazardous accidents by taking preventive measures after analyzing the regular inspection reports.
  • Reduces unexpected downtime and repairing cost by locating issue before any significant fall/breakdown.
  • Helps in estimating the wear & tear of the product components with pictures and video taken from the mobile devices during the inspection time.

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Field Data Gathering Solution

Field Data Gathering

Get access to the Digital field tickets in Real time with FieldEquip.

Chemical Management Solution in Oilfield

Chemical Management

FieldEquip enables Field personnel to record the inspection data digitally through mobile application or collect it through IoT Edge gateway.

oil rig mast inspection points
Oil Rig Inspection Management

Inspection Management

FieldEquip takes the Inspector step-by-step through smart forms in order to capture the data and pictures in an user friendly interface.

Oilfield Production Planning Software

Production Planning and Oilfield Management

Capture necessary events from your oilfield equipment using FieldEquip IoT edge gateway and streamline your operations.

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