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Personnel Scheduling

Track Your Personnel and Schedule Right the First Time

No longer will you have to base your personnel scheduling on memory with old hard-to-use software. FieldEquip simplifies the act of scheduling workers by giving real-time data and transparency. Our software will allow you to view the skillsets, availability, and location of each worker.

With our easy-to-use display, you can assign the right person for the job every time. Our full view of workers allows you to reduce your costs and assign the right amount of workers to each task. By generating a schedule in a Gantt chart format, you can make sure you are bringing efficiency into your schedule and ensure that no gaps or overlaps have been created.

The intelligent program will alert each assigned worker of their scheduled work hours through a simple app, allowing for further time conservation. FieldEquip’s personnel scheduling program simplifies the process of searching for the right type and amount of workers easy, maintainable, and possible through the use of the right software.


Review Worker Schedule

View Schedules with Full Transparency

Rather than having to look through multiple schedules and displays, our program allows for you to have full clarity of what site each worker is at from one display. This method gives you insight into the current personnel and allows you to manage changes easily. The easy to use display makes reviewing your schedule simple. In the case of any gaps or overlapping assignments, you can fix them right in the same interface.

Worker Profiles

Each worker will have a customized profile on your schedule creator. This allows you to customize your schedule with the exact needed skillset, availability, and position of each worker. Each day or week, tasks can be given to the right person by adding your parameters to FieldEquip’s transparent interface. Our program allows you to ensure that you are utilizing the maximum potential of the field and its employees.

Customize Schedule as per Worker Profile
Automatic Notification System

Notifications System

When you finish your schedule creation, save time in the notifications process. While you might have to contact each employee with their schedule now, FieldEquip sends automatic notifications to employees with their scheduled time and position. After creating your schedule, our software will update each worker, respectively, leaving no room for error in scheduling and making your schedule unimaginably more efficient.

Gantt Charts

In addition to notifications and skill set viewing, our personal management system allows for the creation of Gantt charts to show who is working at what position at what time. These charts make your schedules viewable and manageable. You’ll be able to see which work is scheduled to each site, what time each worker is scheduled to arrive and leave, and where any overlaps or gaps have been left. This program allows you to grasp all the details without looking through individual files. With your schedule right in front of you, easily fix any issues with FieldEquip’s schedule customizability.

Custom Worker Schedule using Gantt Charts

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