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Field Service Software for Third-Party Service Providers

Third-party service providers often service field equipment and maintain field operations. Increased reliance on third-party service providers has made third-party workforce management imperative to meet the evolving customer expectations.
FieldEquip field service management software monitors field service personnel production and performance in real-time. Track performance metrics with data analysis and reporting features, submit invoices electronically and get parts quickly to the job with the inventory management feature. The third-party field service management can all be done using FieldEquip’s mobile-friendly, all-in-one field service management application.

Key Features


Work Order Management

FieldEquip software help managers digitally convert customer-approved proposals to work orders at the click of a button. In addition, the real-time worklog dashboard tracks and manages resources anytime, anywhere, even when there is no internet.

Share Workorder With Employees

Work Order Sharing

Get access to complete customer context by sharing the work order information between teams or clients. This helps stakeholders maintain a record and access the updated information of a worker and even track them in real-time.

Scheduling and dispatch

Scheduling & Dispatch

With a web-based user interface and GPS integration, FieldEquip allows operators to schedule and dispatch work assignments quickly. In addition, the advanced search capabilities allow them and management to assign work orders to technicians with the appropriate skills or based on other required criteria such as proximity and availability.

Technician Time Tracking Software

Personnel Timekeeping

When on-duty, track field crew with real-time geo-locations to calculate actual working hours for timekeeping or payroll purposes. FieldEquip helps optimize the scheduling of resources to gain maximum productivity.

Field Service Asset Tracking Software

Asset/Equipment Tracking

Get the geographical locations of all field personnel, warehouses, and customers in real-time. Set individual service areas through geofencing to improve responsiveness to customers.

Field Invoicing Software


Automate by digitalizing data capturing, data relating to travel, labor hours, parts consumption, and all work order-related expenditures to invoice customers and prevent payment delays.

Digital Field Ticketing

IoT Customer Asset Monitoring

Use FieldEquip's EquipConnect IoT module to collect valuable insights into customer assets in real-time and predict failures before they happen.

Field Service contract Management Software

Contracts Management

The smart contract module allows you to offer innovative outcome-based contracts. Use the technology to monitor the cost of the contracts in real-time and achieve 100% renewals.


Ask us about FieldEquip’s Field Service Solution for Commercial Third-Party Service Contractor

To start, FieldEquip enables your customers to easily communicate with your organization using our customer portal feature. Customers are able to view or request account specific information without having to call. They are able to place service-related requests and provide detailed information on specific problems or issues. This level of communication between your customers and your organizations helps secure a long-term partnership resulting in repeat and new business.

Our dynamic and feature-rich software platform can be customized according to your specific needs. FieldEquip’s flexible workflows can also be easily configured to meet industry-specific standards.

FieldEquip could be integrated with various CRM and ERP software platforms providing seamless data transfers between systems while executing transactions in real time.

FieldEquip helps you automate and optimize your workflow and improve operating efficiency. Operating efficiency in service, builds customer confidence which helps you gain new business.

Our intuitive mobile app senses the presence and absence of network coverage. In remote locations, our mobile app allows field technicians to record work order information off-line which is stored on the device. Once they are back where network coverage is available, the mobile app automatically uploads the information and reestablishes normal communication activity.

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