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Field Service Management Software for Telecommunication Industry

Simplify tower inspections, installations, parts inventory, infrastructure etc. by implementing digital field service solutions in the telecommunication industry. Using a telecom field service software that empowers your field technicians with a digital platform to manage knowledge base data, inspection checklists, field ticketing etc. and increase field productivity. Furthermore, schedule and dispatch your workforce on time using workflow automation and Gantt charts.

Key Features

Field Service Inspection Software

Inspection and Task Checklist

Reduce the scope of inspection errors and follow predefined procedural standards while offering consistent field inspection services to your customers. Design the customized checklists by using an easy drag-and-drop builder to elevate the quality of field inspections.

Field Inventory Management Software

Parts Inventory Management

Ensure that field technicians carry the required spare parts and the appropriate quantities to maximize their first-time fix rate and to minimize equipment downtime. FieldEquip provides full visibility of all field parts stocking locations including main warehouses. Our inventory management feature provides them visibility of other nearby technician’s inventory as an alternative option to better serve customers.

Field Invoicing Software

Invoicing & Billing

Automate by digitalizing the capturing of data relating to travel, labor hours, parts consumption, and all work order related expenditures to accurately invoice customers and prevent payment delays.

Field Service contract Management Software

Contracts Management

FieldEquip organizes service contracts digitally providing quick access. Helps field service organizations facilitate contractual deliverables such as customer entitlements, SLA’s, and pricing. The FieldEquip smart contracts feature removes a considerable amount of administrative duties from field workforces and significantly helps improve invoicing accuracy.


Proposal and Work Order Management

We help managers digitally convert customer-approved proposals to work orders with just a click of a button. The real-time worklog dashboard will track and manage your resources anytime, anywhere, even when there is no internet.

Scheduling and dispatch

Scheduling & Dispatch

With a web-based user interface and integration of GPS, FieldEquip allows operators to schedule and dispatch work-assignments quickly. The advanced search capabilities allow them and management to assign work orders to technicians with the appropriate skills or based on other required criteria such as proximity and availability.

Technician Time Tracking Software

Personnel Timekeeping

Track your field crew with their real-time geo-locations, when on-duty to calculate actual working hours for timekeeping or payroll purposes. FieldEquip helps you optimize the scheduling of resources to gain maximum productivity.

Mobile Field Service Management

Mobile Field Service Management

Manage your field operations directly using our FieldEquip’s mobile app on your device of choice. Perform assigned work orders and field tickets, record work activity, capture customers’ digital signatures for approval, and many other functions. by using our mobile app.


Ask us about FieldEquip’s Field Service Management Software for Telecom Industry

Telecom field service software simplifies the process followed in the telecommunication industry by providing a digital platform to the field technicians, backoffice and customers. It can reduce the technicians’ workload by managing all the processes (inventory, infrastructure, inspections, data management etc.) digitally.

FieldEquip gives its users the ability to add predefined standards while creating custom inspection checklists. Field personnels can use a drag and drop builder to create custom checklists and use them in the field while inspecting the towers and other telecommunication equipment.

FieldEquip’s geo-tracking and geo-fencing feature tracks your field personnel and assets in real time and optimizes the shortest route, hence reducing the action time. Further, our inventory management system locates the nearest warehouse for available telecom parts required in service delivery. Handling different locations is no longer a big deal with FieldEquip.

Yes, we provide the training guides and demo to field technicians and will always be there when you need us. FieldEquip is a very user-friendly application from which your crew members can easily start work without much training.

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