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Field Service Management Software for Postal Mailing and Parcel

Postal mailing and Parcel services have facilities and logistics that require ongoing equipment maintenance and repair. Proper planning, scheduling, geo-tracking and efficient workflows are essential when managing field operations in the postal mailing industry. For successful field service performance,  our field service management solution for the will help you maintenance and repair your postal mailing ands parcel operations. Upgrade your legacy system through our wide range of integrations. manage service work orders, workforce scheduling, and monitor machine productivity to increase overall work efficiency using our multi-featured field service management software.

Key Features

Field Inventory Management Software

Field Inventory Management

Ensure that field technicians carry the required spare parts and the appropriate quantities to maximize their first-time fix rate and minimize equipment downtime. FieldEquip provides full visibility of all field parts stocking locations, including main warehouses. Our inventory management feature provides them visibility of other nearby technicians’ inventory as an alternative option to better serve customers.

Scheduling and dispatch

Scheduling & Dispatch

With a web-based user interface and integration of GPS, FieldEquip allows operators to schedule and dispatch work assignments quickly. The advanced search capabilities allow management to assign work orders to technicians with the appropriate skills or based on other required criteria such as proximity and availability.

Field Inventory Management Software

Spare Parts Management

Automatically notify the appropriate personnel when individual spare parts quantities reach established maximum and minimum levels. Easily create inventory replenishment orders or let the system automatically place orders based on preset reorder quantities. Send automatic notifications to return field excess inventory and prevent unnecessary purchasing of additional inventory.

Workflow Automation Software

Customized Workflow and Notifications

Our cloud-based software platform allows you to optimize workflows and improve communications cross-functionally. FieldEquip’s web portal and mobile app functionality seamlessly keep everyone informed of field activities enabling effective communication that promotes collaboration and builds customer confidence.

IoT Monitoring

IoT Monitoring

Monitor equipment health and production in real time through our EquipConnect IoT-based application. You will receive automatic alerts of potential equipment failure from EquipConnect IoT to avoid disruptions in productivity.

Preventive Maintenance

Predictive & Preventative Maintenance

Monitor equipment’s condition to proactively sustain maximum uptime with our predictive and preventative maintenance feature in FieldEquip. Receive automated notifications to scheduled maintenance prior to potential equipment failure.

Field Service Asset Tracking Software

Geo-tracking and Geo-Fencing

Get a geographical view with locations of all your field personnel, warehouses, and customers in real-time. Set individual service areas through the use of geo-fencing to improve responsiveness to customers.

Mobile Field Service Management

Mobile Field Service Management

Manage your field operations directly using FieldEquip’s mobile app on your device of choice. Perform assigned work orders and field tickets, record work activity, capture customers’ digital signatures for approval, and many other functions. by using our mobile app.


Ask us about FieldEquip’s Field Service Management System for Postal Mailing and Parcel

An inventory management system takes advantage of the mobile devices everyone has in their pocket to streamline the tracking, storing, and usage of parts. With a mobile app, every field technician has access to all the data and information they need at the click of a button.

FieldEquip’s IoT equipment monitoring technology, EquipConnect, supports the continuous collection and interpretation of real-time data without the need for human contact. Our IoT equipment monitoring solutions can track various data inputs from supply levels to equipment functionality.

Your customers expect service at their fingertips and on their timeline rather than via phone. That’s why a self-service portal is the best solution for them and your business. It allows your customers to request services, manage their accounts, and get status updates online and on-demand.

FieldEquip frees your organization from the limited capabilities of traditional ERP systems that don’t work for field service and equipment connectivity by offering an open API that can integrate seamlessly with any backend or cloud application.

When you replace handwritten forms with digital input methods, you also reduce human errors and eliminate the need for repetitive reviews. The digital platform also allows for automated reporting.

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