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Oilfield Services Management Software Becomes Important than Ever for Oil Companies

The growing digital evolution of the field services industry has pushed more and more oilfield companies to pivot to outcome-based oilfield service models. Outcome-based oilfield services make it easier for oilfield service organizations to acquire new customers and grow existing accounts.

Top Areas to Transform with Oilfield Services Management Software


Planning and scheduling 

Predict field workforce needs easily 
Modern oilfield services software helps providers seamlessly plan and meet workload management goals, monitor and track performance, and drive overall operational efficiency.

Optimal resource utilization 
An oil and gas field service management software helps companies configure their service models to boost operational efficiency, improve cost management, and exceed customer experience goals.

Switch to intelligent routes 
Never miss any deadline by leveraging an oilfield service software that helps ensure on-time arrivals, reduce distance driven, and complete more jobs every day.

Top Areas to Transform with Oilfield Services Software

Optimally equip oilfield technicians

Complete oilfield tasks anywhere
With the advanced analytics capabilities of oilfield services management software, companies can easily ensure that the technicians, operators, and service providers working on the field can access critical job details and capture the required information to deliver the best services to the customers in the field, even offline.

Preconfigured workflows for streamlined working 
An oilfield services management software provides guided assistance to mobile workers, reduces onboarding time, and ensures consistent and up-to-the-mark service.

Easy Access to Information 
Leveraging good oilfield services management software, the field workforce can easily pull up manuals, videos, articles, and other documents in their mobile application to get answers and solve issues.

Improve field workforce and back-office collaboration 
A cloud-based oilfield services management software helps companies schedule, route, and equip mobile workers to complete service activities at a customer’s site, office, or installed asset location. The mobile app capability of an oilfield service management software helps companies easily share expertise, job details, spare parts status, and inventory to solve customer problems fast and complete more jobs on the first try.

Oilfield Trucking Management Software

Customer service 

Enable customers to track and manage field service appointments
A digital oilfield services management software enables companies to send notifications to customers via SMS or email, giving them real-time visibility of mobile worker arrival status and options for rescheduling service activities.

Shift to a Connected Oilfield Service Model 
Oilfield services management software helps companies optimize asset availability and utilization via continuous remote tracking and visualization of usage, condition, and performance. It helps them detect anomalies, run remote diagnostics, and enable self-repair commands to prevent any kind of downtime or service disruption.

With the advanced capabilities of IoT-enabled oilfield services management software, field operators or service providers can automatically create work orders and schedule oilfield service activities for minimal downtime.

Key Value Adds – Advanced Oilfield Service Management Software

Optimize oilfield service operational efficiencies and meet service level agreement
Modern oilfield services management software helps companies make their field service excellence and efficiency go hand in hand. It equips field service teams in the best possible way by automatically assigning and routing field service workers based on SLAs, their skill sets, availability, location, and performance patterns.

Lead with a connected mobile workforce
A mobile oilfield service management software helps reduce the average time that oilfield service providers and operators take to reach the oilfield site. It allows companies to enhance collaboration, communication, and innovation and support business processes.

Mobile Field Service Management Software

Gain real-time visibility to deliver consistent, efficient service 
Instantly improve field employee compliance with oilfield services management software. It enables real-time monitoring of oilfield services and operations to deliver automated, event-based customer communications at any stage of the oilfield service cycle.

Digitally convert proposals into work orders 
An oilfield services management software helps managers digitally convert customer-approved proposals to work orders at the click of a button. The software’s real-time work-log dashboard tracks and manages resources anytime, anywhere, even offline.

Make Oilfield Services Management Easy, Effective & Efficient with a Relevant & Modern Software

Industry leaders are digitally transforming operations by leveraging modern feature-rich field services management software. There are many oilfield services management software available in the market, but only a few offer ease, access, and digital capabilities simultaneously. Oilfield companies, service providers, and operators looking for trusted oilfield services management software must explore opportunities with FieldEquip. FieldEquip has enabled oilfield companies to increase site inspection efficiency, automate asset monitoring, implore oilfield data capture accuracy, track the progress of oilfield technicians and teams in real time, and schedule, dispatch, and optimize routes, among others.

Reach out to the team today to learn more about FieldEquip field service management software for oil and gas services providers and companies.

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