Chemical Management

Know your chemicals inventory in the field and automate dispatching/management of the deliveries. Monitor the chemical flow rates, pressure and levels in real-time remotely.

Digital Management of Production Chemicals through Automation

production chemicals

The current oil and gas industry faces multiple challenges in maintaining profitability. Production targets are still a very important aspect of the oil and gas industry, while they now compete for attention with efficiency concerns, cost cutting measures and limited resources.

The FieldEquip oil and gas software for oilfield management offers advanced chemical management to keep oil and gas companies on track to reach production goals with efficiency and accuracy.

Through Internet of Things (IoT) data collection and monitoring technology, FieldEquip’s oil and gas field service and production software makes management of production chemicals more efficient and safer.

Real Time Data Advantage

One of the innovative technologies of FieldEquip oilfield service software is real time data collection and analysis. The real time data collection service extends to well production and storage tank content levels as well as other production chemical information.

Increased Safety For Workers

The inherent danger of production chemicals makes real time automated data collection even more valuable. Workers manage their workplace health and safety by limiting exposure to chemicals. Worker safety is prioritized while offering consistent and accurate automated data collection.

Advanced Analytics and Processes

The platform also offers analytics and actionable processes to compliment production chemical data gathering. Users are offered in depth detail and records of production through cloud services. The cloud field service helps your office evaluate production and project targets through data analytics.


Monitor chemical flow rates, pressure and tank levels in real-time remotely on your Mobile. Automate the dispatch of chemical deliveries through FieldEquip workflow automation software.

Mobile App

Use FieldEquip Mobile applications to automate the capture of the data from your field technicians such as tank levels, service performed, flow rates, casing pressure. Our online/offline Mobile Apps automatically sync the data into the Cloud for real-time analysis.

Intelligent AI

Use machine learning and AI to automate and optimize the driver routes for chemical deliveries in the field.

Our innovative mobile Apps let you monitor different completion fluids in real-time on a easy to understand Dashboard on mobile and desktop. FieldEquip manages the tank levels and send real-time alerts on low inventory in your tanks. FieldEquip tracks your mobile units as they move from one Well to another in the field.

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