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FSM for Multifamily Construction

Next-Gen Field Service Software for Streamlined Multifamily Construction Management

The multifamily construction companies need to collaborate closely with different units from the initial design stage to the project oversite and administration. As a result, builders, contractors, labor, designers, equipment manufacturers, field workers, and field crews often face challenges in staying connected in real-time. They lack in-field communication, connectivity, coordination, productivity tracking, job cost reporting, etc.

Multifamily building construction companies need software to manage diverse project types. FieldEquip’s multifamily construction management software helps them mitigate risk and increase transparency. This software for multifamily contractors is designed to help them track costs, document change orders, and manage subcontracts effortlessly, all of which are paramount to profitability. It helps multifamily construction companies manage different business-critical areas including work order management, multifamily construction job scheduling, estimate creation, cost tracking, etc., easily. The software’s labor and workers scheduling module adds speed, accuracy, and efficiency to multifamily construction projects. It enhances the multifamily building construction operational efficiency and improves the experience of customers with 360-degree visibility into field operations performance.

Stay informed at all the times with the FieldEquip’s multifamily construction field service software for contractors.

Key Features

Field Technician Scheduling Software

Scheduling & Dispatch

FieldEquip’s web-based user interface and GPS integration allow operators to schedule and dispatch work assignments easily and quickly. The multifamily construction scheduling software’s advanced search capabilities allow management to assign work orders to technicians with the right skills or based on required criteria like availability and proximity.

quotation management software

Job Quoting/Estimation Management

Offer price quotes to customers, estimate labor, construction material/parts, and associated expenses, using FieldEquip’s multifamily field service management & crew scheduling software. Seamlessly convert job quotes to work orders and manage activity easily to prevent job cost overrun.

Technician Time Tracking and TimeKeeping

Field Crew Time Timekeeping

Track field crew and labor on-duty with their real-time geo-locations to stay updated about their actual working hours for payroll or timekeeping purposes. Schedule your resources efficiently to maximize productivity.

Service Contract

Contract Management

Organize service contracts digitally and easily provide quick access using FieldEquip. The field service software for Multi-Family Contractors helps multifamily construction companies facilitate contractual deliverables like customer entitlements, SLAs, and pricing. The smart contracts feature eliminates a considerable number of administrative duties from field workforces, notably improving invoicing accuracy.

Resource Location Tracking Software

Geo-Tracking and Geo-Fencing

Stay updated about the geographical locations of all field personnel, customers, and warehouses in real-time. FieldEquip enables you to set individual service areas via geofencing to enhance responsiveness to customers.

Mobile Field Service Management

Mobile Field Service Management

Manage multifamily construction field operations easily using FieldEquip’s mobile app on any device. It lets you use a mobile app to perform assigned work orders and field tickets, record work activity, capture the digital signatures of customers for approval, and other functions.

Inspection Management

Inspection & Task Checklist

Remove the scope of inspection errors and undertake to comply with the predefined procedural standards while offering consistent field inspection services to customers. Leverage an easy drag and drop builder to elevate the quality of field inspections.

Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

Monitor the condition of construction equipment easily to proactively sustain maximum uptime with the predictive and preventative maintenance feature in FieldEquip. Receive automated notifications to schedule maintenance prior to potential equipment failure.

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