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Field Service Management Software is the Road to Reinvention for Oil and Gas Companies 

The skyrocketing oil and gas prices and markets have challenged the oil field companies to rethink their business and operating models. They are under pressure to find ways to achieve more with the existing resources by making better decisions, improving margins, boosting efficiencies, minimizing risks, and optimizing their field operations to eliminate any scope of error and additional costs. 

Transformation Ahead for the Oil and Gas Industry 

As a result, many oil and gas companies are working towards reinventing themselves by adopting technology and transforming their business models. In 2022, a growing number of leading companies are investing in innovation, automation, and big data analytics to improve their decision-making abilities and drive the overall productivity and growth of the business. 

As oil and gas companies significantly depend on on-field operations, including gathering huge amounts of raw data related to the working of pipelines, refineries, and other infrastructure, optimized oilfield operations can be the game-changer for them and help them stay ahead in this competitive age.


The transformation journey has just begun for the oil and gas companies, and simply managing proper oil cycles isn’t enough anymore. To stay relevant and lead in this technology-driven age, they must: 

  • Optimize and simplify their resource portfolios
  • Switch from legacy to innovative business models
  • Look for smart ways for the energy transition
  • Train their workforce to work leveraging the advanced technology
  • Come to terms with additional environmental, social, and governance (ESG) requirements
Oil Field

Oil and gas companies can make it happen only through purpose-driven, tech-enabled, and people-powered organizations with proper strategies and communication. They must adopt reliable and innovative field service management software to ensure connected operations, a low scope of error, and streamlined processing necessary for business growth.  

6 Ways Field Service Management Software can Transform Oil and Gas Industry

Receive Real-Time Field Updates 

Oil and gas companies have their workers spread across rooms, warehouses, and other sites, due to which it becomes challenging for them to track and monitor their progress. A modern field service management software brings real-time operational visibility and monitoring to their business processes. It connects the projects managers and workers working across diverse sites. It also helps the supervisors track oilfield technicians and workers’ arrival and break times and learn how many workers report onsite during different shifts. 

Accelerated Growth

An automated oilfield service management software allows companies to run operations streamlined, increasing the overall business revenue by reducing costs. Automation allows the back-office team of an oil and gas company to focus on mission-critical order tasks.        

Maximise Output and ROI

Smart Supply Chain

The powerful capabilities of an oilfield service management software allow companies to reduce downtimes with real-time analytics and automate work orders and prescription of solutions. A set workflow, easily shareable between the team at the back office and the field workers, helps companies drive productivity and streamline processes. This workflow will also enable the back office team to track labor and tasks in the field in real-time. 

Drives Digital Transformation 

Companies in the oilfield can make the most of the benefits offered by the revolutionary technology abilities of oilfield operations service management software, which weren’t possible with the legacy processes. With the investment in cloud, automation, and IoT-enabled oilfield service management software, they can address key onsite challenges, streamline workflows, and experience operational excellence. 

Improved Business Growth 

Oilfield operations management software empowers oil and gas companies to lower costs per BOE (basic operative expenses), improve operational efficiency, drive production, and boost profitability while offering real-time operational visibility, flexibility, and agility. It helps them lower operational costs, maximize production, enhance recovery rates in new wells, improve oil recovery in more mature wells, and start production on a wide range of well types and application locations onshore, subsea, and offshore.

Go Green, Go Paperless 

Most oil and gas companies have warehouses packed with active paper records in abundance, which are not just difficult to search and expensive to store but have to be maintained for audit purposes. Field Service Management Software can help these companies reduce the environmental impact and expense footprint by eliminating the paperwork and switching to digital formats. It also reduces their storage costs significantly and makes finding a specific document easier when saved digitally. Most importantly, it streamlines the entire audit process, as companies don’t need to put multiple resources to work for finding and assembling documents.

Paperless Field Ticketing

End Notes

A field service operations software holds immense potential for readying the oil and gas industry to stay relevant in the evolving and highly competitive market. Oil and gas companies must make the right technology adoption decisions for lasting benefits. If you are looking for a reliable field service operations management software to reinvent your business model and reinvent business growth, you can explore limitless possibilities with FieldEquip by Bursys. It enables oil and gas companies to connect, accelerate, and automate their oilfield operations for maximized business growth. Reach out to the FieldEquip team today

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