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Discover The 5 Best Ways For Effortless Service Truck Inventory Management

Imagine your field technicians commuting more than 1000 miles for servicing and maintenance of field equipment at the customer’s site only to find that a couple of inventory parts are missing in the service truck. 

Now, the mere thought of driving back and forth, covering such a huge distance, to get back those missing service parts can be highly frustrating for anyone including your customers.  

That’s where efficient service truck inventory management comes in, which is not possible without using an easy-to-use, scalable, service truck inventory software

Now, many field service managers tend to blame the crews for failing to replenish their service trucks, but deep down, we all know that it starts at the top. 

For managers and supervisors who are consistently struggling with accurate service truck inventory, there are some tried-and-tested solutions to make their (and their crews’) lives easier.  

So, let’s get started and fix the cracks in your service truck inventory management system one and for all. 

To begin with, we’ll take a look at what a service truck inventory management system is.

What is Service Truck Inventory Management? 

field service truck inventory system is a process where you have a real-time visibility of every part on your field service trucks as well as provide information on usage of parts at site, which enables the warehouse to replenish service truck inventory before understocking becomes an issue. 

What is Service Truck Inventory Software?

Service truck inventory software provides real-time information about inventory levels on your trucks, which helps prevent search and handling time while defining truck replenishment points. The service truck replenishment app helps you prevent loss from mismanaged returns and optimize day-to-day truck inventory operations. 

While using the right truck parts inventory software has become a necessity in this tech-savvy age, you’d be surprised to know that it’s not a be-all and end-all solution. 

Next up, we will dig deeper into different ways of managing service truck inventory management that can help your field service company save time, money, and resources significantly.

Manage Service Truck Inventory System

 5 Effective Ways to Manage Service Truck Inventory System

1. Implement a preventive maintenance strategy

This one deserves to take the first spot because incorporating technology has become quintessential for businesses today. The competition is getting increasingly tough and no field service business can afford delayed operations and low customer satisfaction rate. 

Using a powerful, easy-to-use service parts management software like FieldEquip helps field service businesses completely digitize and streamline their field operations, which also includes managing inventory on trucks. The software gives managers and field technicians a 360-degree inventory visibility in real-time, from anywhere, on any device. 

FieldEquip’s service parts management software easily interacts with ERP platforms to manage order requests, track parts transfers, and capture consumption. All the information available on a single dashboard helps managers and field service with the following: 

  • Automatic generation of a purchase order
  • Reduce unnecessary delays 
  • Cut down miscommunications of outdated information and locations
  • Track the location of each part 
  • Manage inventory lists from anywhere 
  • Mobile app allows for quick accessibility to field technicians and backend staff

2. Implement a preventive maintenance strategy

Many organizations practice predictive maintenance i.e. it is performed only when required, as per assets’ current condition. However, this method can cause problems if you want to optimize your truck inventory management as this maintenance happens only when the equipment has broken down or is not performing properly. 

On the other hand, preventive maintenance of your service truck inventory takes place at regular intervals to ensure optimal assets performance and condition. This solution is implemented by businesses to make sure that any potential mechanical issues are identified and resolved before they occur. 

3. Provide training to field service technicians 

A report from SHRM, 2022, mentions that 76% of employees prefer to stay in a company that offers on-site training and development. It’s surprising how many organizations still don’t take employee training seriously, but your company should not be the one among them. 

Your field technician crew should be well-trained and learn to use the latest technology like that of service truck inventory management software. Doing so will enable your field technicians to track parts movement and usage, manage work order requests, etc. 

Maintaining accurate inventory records through a service truck inventory app will help your field technicians to control and ensure that the right parts are available at the right place and at the right time.

4. Have a robust warehouse security system 

If you think you can trust all your staff and do away with a bare-basic security system for your inventory stockhouse, you need to think again. No way we are telling you to have a skeptical eye towards your staff, but since they are preoccupied with other crucial tasks, it would be too much to expect them to closely monitor your inventory stock all the time. Inventory inaccuracies can lead to chaos in your service truck inventory management system. 

Here are a few steps you can take to make your inventory security system more robust and efficient. 

  • Install high definition CCTV cameras in your warehouse in a way that every part is easily captured 24*7. 
  • Install lockable cupboards and lockers to prevent unhindered access to spare parts and equipment. 
  • Make employees present in the warehouse aware of the importance of regularly checking and updating inventory levels. 
  • Restrict employee access to inventory warehouses 

5. Integrate inventory management with work order sharing  

Only top-rated field service management software allows for seamless integration of inventory management with work order systems. Such useful functionality allows your on-site technicians to perform multiple tasks like creating truck safety walkaround and completing a work order while easily updating both forms to a replenishment request form.

The Final Word 

Field service businesses across various industries need to be spot-on with their service truck inventory management to ensure maximum operational efficiency and timely completion of field equipment maintenance. Using a top-rated field service software is imperative for businesses in this tech-driven age. 

When implemented the right way, the five tips mentioned in the blog can help you manage your service truck inventory in the most efficient way possible. 

Implement the best Field Service Management Software for your business today.

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