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5 Ways to Drive ROI with Field Service Software

Automation has become a common catchphrase for all industries, and more so for field services. According to MarketsandMarkets, the global field service market is expected to reach $5.1 Billion by 2025, which prompted several organizations to consider state-of-the-art field service software that can transform field services through enhanced paradigms. Most field service software solutions available in the market are powered by mobility technologies and are apt to provide a digital workflow experience to field service managers, business owners, and operation managers and help them organize tasks and create custom workflows for field workers anytime and from anywhere. So, it’s crucial to choose the right software that can automate the entire field service process and empower your business to receive a better return of investment (ROI).

How does Field Service Software Helps Businesses Remain on Growth Trajectory?

Managing the day-to-day operations of a field service business can be arduous and time-consuming. However, if the business demands an automated process and an increase in ROI, a field service management system can be a great respite. Below are the illustrated examples of how FieldEquip, a field service software, helped customers improve their ROI:

ROI Data of FieldEquip Customers 
  • FieldEquip’s Oil and Gas industry customers witnessed an 84% increase in scheduling and dispatching efficiency. Also, the software helped the client get centralized access to business information, such as tracking leased products/units, capturing field transactions, and generating error-free customer invoices.
  • A leading healthcare company integrated FieldEquip into its existing system and noticed a 33% increase in its revenues. The software helped the company identify barriers and streamline workflows, thus empowering the organization to perform required procedures consistently and on time, while reducing overhead costs.
ROI Business Growth


5 Ways FieldEquip’s FSM Software Can Help Increase ROI

  • Streamlines Communication with Self Service Portal
    FieldEquip’s customer portal for self-service is targeted at customer ease. Many large field service companies require a separate customer support service/call center. FieldEquip lets businesses leverage the benefits of a reduced need for call centers and/or phone customer service representatives. In addition, customers can raise a service request using the software by scanning a bar-code without initiating a call. This ultimately frees up resources and time and contributes to a better ROI.
Streamline Process
  • Reduces Payment Process Time with Digital Invoices

    Businesses not incorporating field service software are bound to witness a significant gap between the invoice and estimate. However, FieldEquip’s invoicing and billing software streamlines the invoicing process by removing unnecessary workflows. For example, technicians needn’t return to the office or submit paperwork after job completion. Instead, they can generate a virtual invoice and get it approved quickly by capturing a digital signature. All in all, the field management software speeds up the invoicing process, thus helping companies earn an unbiased ROI.

  • Simplifies SLA & Contract Entitlements with Contract Management

    Organizations that don’t have a robust contract management system can experience challenging situations, such as managing multiple contracts, finding historical agreements, and more. Well, FieldEquip’s contract management solutions can help you digitize the contract-related documents, service agreements, and catalogs that the sales team can access anytime and anywhere. The software can help create new contracts that can be signed and saved online. In addition, it allows your team members to process all the jobs/work orders, checks KPIs for old/new clients that are mentioned in the contract, and automatically notifies if it deviates from contractual obligations. Ultimately, this helps you build trust and long-term relations with the customer and generate more ROI through up-selling. 

  • Removes Workflow Disruption with Inventory Management Software

    One of the significant challenges that field service businesses encounter is the lack of not having a managed inventory. If you are struggling with a similar challenge, our mobile inventory tracking system ensures that technicians have the required equipment when needed. The software also automatically sends notifications of when inventory reaches a specific threshold limit, the most used items, and the ones that need to be restocked, thus facilitating fewer workflow disruptions and increased efficiency. As a result, when inventory is adequately managed without wastage, purchase orders are automatically created, and customers’ expectations are met on time, the ROI increases significantly.

  • Maximizes the Output of On-field Operations with Scheduling

    Scheduling the right talent (based on geo-location, availability, skill sets, etc.) at the right time to the right job location can be challenging for organizations. An intuitive field service solution should have capabilities to schedule the resources on the job from anywhere. The field service management solution by FieldEquip gives businesses the ability to schedule and dispatch field technicians with the right skillset and notify each field personnel of their job information/time slot. It also enables field technicians to check work orders assigned to them in real-time scenarios. In addition, the easy-to-use interface brings transparency for each work order, prevents underutilization of resources, and retrieves maximum output, thus ensuring an increase in ROI.

Maximise Output and ROI


Though field service mobile app benefits in several forms, the most important is improving your ROI. So, if you intend to take your business to the next level, all you need is the smart digital field service management software from FieldEquip. If you are interested in finding out more information about the FSM software, request a demo or Contact Us now.

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