Digitizing Requires Culture Change –
Learn Why and How to be Proactive

If there is one constant in energy markets, it is change. Prices shift up or down and companies adapt.

While it appears that there is tepid confidence an oil and gas recovery is underway with expectations for increased economic growth, commodity prices, and investment, Oil and Gas Exploration and Production companies are recognizing that they can no longer sustain an inflated, and inefficient value chain. The result is downstream impact on their supply chain partners to become an integrated part of the digital solution.

Small and medium-sized field service operators must be able to seamlessly connect field services assets, to both their own and their customer’s back offices and supply chains. Technology is one part of the new equation but requires an equal focus and effort in cultural change to integrate successfully.

The Digitizing Requires Culture Change will help you to understand

  • The digital imperative and how adoption drives competitiveness.
  • The intertwined relationship between technology adoption and culture change.
  • Methodologies to reduce the impact of technology adoption.
  • Implications and priorities for small & medium size field services companies.

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