Work Order Management

With the simplification and portability that comes with FieldEquip services, automatically create work orders and assign field workers straight from the office. FieldEquip eliminates the need to manage and store paper records with its simple, yet informative interface. Using FieldEquip, you will be able to view supply levels, equipment condition, and job completion, while also getting real-time updates on possible risks, allowing the back office to manage jobs straight from the site. Our manufacturer agnostic IoT edge gateway allows us to integrate with system from any vendor and helps you meet your organizational goals.

Geo-tracking and Geo-fencing

With FieldEquip’s utilization of geo-tracking and geo-fencing, keep track of personnel and progress. Keep automatic time tracking of the workers, and where assets are located through the software. You will be notified as soon as the workers enter into the vicinity of the site and time tracking starts automatically. You will know what skillset is already at the site and can plan accordingly. Track the rental equipment too and get notified as soon as the equipment leaves the site. FieldEquip even can auto-checkout these equipment in such situations. Furthermore, assign tag to each and every asset. Through that tag, you can keep track of the movement of every asset, including the powerless equipment.


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Track your Project
All the features can be accessed through web portal as well as mobile application. Keep track of your project and manage the milestones accordingly
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Keep control of your supply chain
Travel from work order creation to approval to dispatch or repair to invoice, effectively and efficiently, to drive your service time or service delivery
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Receive Approvals on the Go
Using our mobile application present on all platforms, receive or give approvals whenever and wherever you are. The dire need to present physically is eliminated as you can view the real-time updates now.
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Manage your personnel through phone
Assign the jobs to the field workers using our mobile application. Our proactive software will notify the technician with the required skillset available in the nearest vicinity
Optimize Machine Availability with package delivery software
  • Create, manage, and remove work orders using the website portal and mobile application’s easy-to-use work order management system
  • Assign jobs to field workers and update services, notifying workers instantly
  • Manage the health of equipment and supply levels for each work order
  • View real-time analytics to avoid risk, and get updates on real-time emergencies to reorganize resources without disarray
  • Receive job progress and completion updates