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FieldEquip's work order management software for oil and gas comes with ease and flexibility. It gives the flexibility to create the job templates for standard field jobs, so that during proposal and work order creation the user can refer to these templates to quickly create proposals and work orders and never miss any critical items. It automatically applies the discount at item level as per the price books and gives the flexibility to change the discount directly at item level as per negotiations.

FieldEquip eliminates the need to manage and store paper records with its simple, yet informative user interface. Automatically converts purchase order to work order once the customer approves the purchase order. Using FieldEquip, businesses can view the real-time status of the project, product supply levels, and equipment utilization. Our manufacturer agnostic IoT edge gateway integrates with the different equipment control systems to bring real-time data from the field.


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Track your Project
All the features can be accessed through a web portal as well as a mobile application. Keep track of your project and manage the milestones accordingly.
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Keep Control of your Supply Chain
Travel from work order creation to approval to dispatch or repair to invoice, effectively and efficiently, to drive your service time or service delivery.
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Receive Approvals On-the-Go
Using our mobile application present on all platforms, receive or give approvals whenever and wherever you are. The dire need to present physically is eliminated as you can view the real-time updates now.
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Reduced Revenue Leakage
Reduce revenue leakage by applying the right price-books during the proposal stage. The ability to apply any discounts at the item level provides more flexibility to the sales team to negotiate and book the revenue.

What We Deliver

Work Order Management through Web and Mobile
  • Create, manage, and remove work orders using the website portal and mobile application’s easy-to-use work order management system.
  • Customize the proposal and work order workflow as per your requirement.
  • Assign predefined terms and conditions during proposal creation.
  • Avoid revenue leakage and wrong estimation with different checks and balances at each stage of Proposal creation.
  • Create, assign, edit, re-assign jobs to field personnel and update services, notifying workers instantly.
  • Manage the health of equipment and supply levels for each work order.
  • View real-time analytics to avoid risk, and get updates on emergencies to reorganize resources without disarray.
  • Receive job progress and completion updates on the phone.

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