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What to do When Your Customer is Digitializing?

In the world of technology, it’s hard to find a company or person that isn’t moving into the digital world. For a small company, this can make things challenging. Sometimes it’s your client that you can have an issue with. Think about this as an example; you have a client that you’ve had for a long time. One month they come to you and ask if they can start paying their bill online. Perhaps their new bank doesn’t have checks.

If there’s no way for them to do this, this can lead to you to losing a client or having a tense relationship. If that’s the case, what can you do? This is the issue that many small businesses are struggling with, in the age of digitalization. Today, we’re going to give you a look at how you can tackle this problem. It’s not a simple or fast solution, but rather something that can help you ensure long term success.

Start With an Analysis

When you enter the world of business, you always need to know what’s happening around you. Knowing what’s going on around you is the only way to ensure that your company doesn’t fall behind or die. If you see yourself falling back and the world of digitalization then you should perform an analysis of your business and the industry around you. Take a look at how firms are handling this transition. What are your competitors doing to keep up with the changes?

Also, take a look at what the clients are doing with these changes. Are your clients only causing the changes or are your clients reacting as well? Think of it as a SWAT analysis. This SWAT analysis should focus on the strengths, weaknesses, advantages, and threats that your business is facing with digitalization.

Create a Plan

With the SWAT analysis in mind, it’s time to create a plan. This plan should focus on getting the essential weaknesses and threats eliminated as soon as possible. While it’s understandable that businesses don’t have the time or money to fix things on a dime, planning on when to do it is essential for growth. To start making a plan create a list of the top five things that must change for you to keep up with your clients or competitors. From there, go into detail about each of these changes and how they could take place.

In short, you’re making a punch list of tasks that need to be done. By going through and adding realistic target dates you’ve created SMART goals that can help you change the tide of your business. After creating this plan, make sure that each task list is broken down into base components with specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely details. Though the list will be long, it should give you a starting point as well as points along the way in solving your digitalization problems.

Start With the First Item

With your analysis and plan in hand, you’re ready to start making the changes necessary to push your business into the digital age. Each item on your task list should help you get closer to your goal. For example, if you need to get a field solution that enables you to track what’s going on in the field from your office, then you might need to take it one step at a time. The first step would be to determine what your field solution needs are. The second step would be to find field service solution providers.

Lastly, you would get quotes and choose the field service provider. However, you might have to wait on the last step depending on your budget needs. This is why it’s important to be realistic when it comes to what you can do when. Even if a field service solution is the most important thing, it might not be the most practical. Doing too smaller things could help solve your problems until you have enough money to get a field service solution.

Check Over Your Plan and Your Market Regularly

As we said before, this isn’t a fast process. Instead, it’ll take you a while to get each step in your plan complete. Due to that, you’re going to want to perform regular analysis on your industry and competition. This can help you track changes and notice anything that might not work from your original plan. If you continue on your original plan without looking for changes in your industry you can end up wasting time, effort, and money.

We suggest reviewing your analysis and the digitalization efforts in your industry every six months or as soon as each big task has been completed. Discon ensure that you’re not wasting your efforts and that the changes that you made are having the positive impacted that you desired.

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