Inspection Management

FieldEquip brings intelligence to the Oilfield through connected field service, IoT data collection, monitoring and prescriptive analytics

Inspection of Oilfield Operations – Visual Display on FieldEquip Dashboard

The FieldEquip platform connects  oilfield service equipment  and other oil and gas resources and assets to our IoT platform for active monitoring and diagnosis of potential issues before a breakdown occurs. This oilfield servicesoftware allows for real-time data access and inspection management with never leaving the back office. Monitor field service oilfield workers at any time and manage what jobs they are working on. The platform allows for monitoring of materials and labor hours per job through data-rich dashboards built for tracking progress.

Inspection Management by FieldEquip Oilfield Service Software

Our mobile application to the software, available for iOS and Android devices of all types, makes it easy to collect data from any oilfield service worker for time, materials and expenses in real-time online or offline. FieldEquip provides the digital connection of field services, by keeping track of health data and constantly analyzing the data in the cloud, it can predict failures and prescribe a solution by automatically generating work orders for service.




Offshore platform Level 1 / 2 inspections
  • Online / Offline data capture from the field using forms and pictures.
Smart Forms
  • FieldEquip takes the Inspector step-by-step through smart forms in order to capture the data and pictures in an user friendly interface.
Report Generation
  • BSEE compliant reports for offshore platforms Level 1 and 2 inspections.
Historical Data
  • Customer using FieldEquip owns the historical data. FieldEquip provides trending / analytics of the historical data and flags any issue or area of concern.