Digital Inspection solution

Inspection & Task Checklists

Bring consistency and standardization to the technician’s workflows across the organization with the help of FieldEquip easy-to-use Inspection and checklists. Leverage the standard in-built checklists or create customized lists withing minutes to match the business needs. With our intuitive drag and drop template builder you can customize the checklists for each piece of equipment or service. The tasks checklist varies from site surveys to equipment checks to compliance to maintenance procedures.

Capture required information, add pictures and notes through our Intuitive cross platform mobile app which works in both online & offline mode. Due to our seamless integration with other features on a single platform, provide a complete service management experience to the customers. The feature enables you to get real-time access for accurate inspection data and share the checklists/reports anywhere and anytime for a seamless customer experience.


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All-in-One Mobile System
With improved business efficiency in mind, multiple industries are using a mobile app that allows them to view job-related information like updated checklists, task assigned/performed, and make inspections faster as well as more effective with an all-in-one mobile system. Collect customer’s digital signature at site to complete the inspection.
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Drag-and-Drop Interface
The easy drag-and-drop interface function allows you to add the right input details to your checklist and systematize data collection. You can customize the checklist with required areas for every equipment or any particular work order. It makes reassignment easy and saves time with reviews.
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Better Compliance
With the digital equipment inspection checklist, standards are predefined, and the performance is fully-based on the way the questions are replied. It enables the technician or the sub-contractors to instantly recognize non-compliance concerns and effectively monitor the work order status to ensure better compliance.
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Decrease Human Error & Ensure Efficiency
The feature lets technician to follow an order and ensures that all questions are mandatory to fill to submit the form. Most mobile devices support barcode capture, image, and RFID, which guarantee vital detailed information and efficiency that pen & paper reviews can't achieve.

What We Deliver

Field Service Inspection Checklist
  • Offline data collection through mobile app and integration to work order management system and dispatching gives complete field service management experience.
  • With barcode scanning, GPS tracking and RFID capabilities make sure the inspection is carried out for the right equipment at right location.
  • Rule based checklists to manage field inspections & compliance.
  • Real-time status reporting of field inspections through mobile application.
  • Go Paperless with Digital Inspection and task checklists.
  • Collect pictures, notes and customer signatures anytime & anywhere to complete the inspection and maintenance work orders.
  • An automated checklist is attached to the preventative maintenance schedules, which is attached to the work orders of field technicians to manage a seamless workflow.
  • Enables field service businesses to design checklists on the go. The feature lets users to handle inspections at their comfort.
  • Customize the checklists with ease as per your industry regulations.
  • Manage inspections with a preventive maintenance checklist that lets you control the entire field operations at a click of a button, reducing risks and downtime costs.

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