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Why is Contract Management System Critical for Your Business Growth?

Every business aspires to grow and stay relevant in this competitive world, but it can be challenging to keep up with multiple contract entitlements and SLAs (Service Level Agreements) without a contract management system.

The businesses need a holistic contract management system (CMS), which can automate the complete contract lifecycle right from initiation to renewal. This blog will discuss the key benefits of adopting a contract management system and software with powerful capabilities, SLA KPI reports management, etc.


Key Benefits of Adopting a Contract Management System

Accelerated Contract Authoring

Contracts must be concise, clear, and accurate. Modern contact templates are not only a clause library with pre-approved language, but they also enable users to quickly draft contracts by including the required field values, choosing the clause language, and making minor tweaks to cater to the current engagement.

Contract templates not only reduce manual dependencies and costs but also ensure language consistency across all contracts. Businesses leveraging intelligent contract management software can eliminate human intervention during post-execution management stages like amendments and renewals, leaving no scope for error.


Create Smart Contracts real Time
Configurable Approval Workflows

Approval workflows ensure that internal stakeholders know about the potential opportunities and risks in a contract before it is executed. Digital contract management solutions with powerful capabilities of SLA KPI reports, allow admins to configure approval workflows, both parallel and sequential. Approval workflows provide better visibility into contract risks at the individual contract level, allowing admins to devise granular risk-mitigation strategies.

Reduced Negotiation Cycles 

Contract negotiation plays a key role in contract management. This process can create an opportunity for organizations to arrive at beneficial terms and decide the tone of their business relationships. A contract management system eliminates the pain of email back and forth and enables accelerated negotiation cycles. Contract owners can leverage a CMS to securely share SLAs by assigning appropriate access permissions for every negotiator. It saves time as the counterparties can collaborate in real-time to review the document.

These powerful capabilities of a contract management system coupled with advanced analytics, allow businesses to gain insights and revisit their negotiation strategies.

A contract management system offers diverse SLA management and SLA monitoring tools which help businesses streamline their workflows and manage dynamic contracts of today effortlessly and accurately.

Ways SLA Management Tools can Benefit a Business 

Agreement Customization and Flexibility

Whether you leverage existing templates or customize client-specific agreements, you can make changes in the support coverage and billing rates and add billing charges for extra products or services related to the agreement effortlessly.

Seamless Integration

When you have automatic integration with alerts in your regular workflow, you can easily assign first-response targets, establish a resolution plan with a timeline, and close all the open tickets by the next service-level event.

Response-Time Goals Management

Analyze final resolution time and scale your service desk offerings by demonstrating your ability to establish, monitor, and report on service-delivery goals.

SLA Tracking Becomes Easy

SLA management tools allow admins to respond by priority, issue type, and sub-issue, and include SLA information on service tickets, enabling them to easily track it through for a complete audit trail.

Customizable dashboard with SLA and KPI
360° View

SLA monitoring tools give you as an admin a holistic view of all the time entries applied to an agreement, allowing you to determine profitability easily and quickly.

Work According to SLAs

Meet established SLAs by keeping a track of KPIs. These tools also allow you to run smooth and profitable field operations with more reliable information and pivot strategy accordingly.


Now that you know how a contract management platform or system can add value to modern businesses, you must deploy a reliable contract management system like FieldEquip. FieldEquip’s cloud-based contract management solutions help businesses evolve while staying efficient, profitable, and organized. FieldEquip has helped many businesses across domains digitize essential documents and streamline invoicing and other processes. Its contract data management system can also create standard or customized contracts that can be signed and stored online.

Reach out to the FieldEquip team today to explore the differentiated capabilities of their contract management system and SLA monitoring tools and how they can add value to your business. 

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