Field Work Order Sharing Dashboard

Work Order Sharing

Our field management service provides a work order sharing functionality where businesses get access to complete customer context by sharing the work order details between teams or with clients. It helps to maintain a single record of all the information related to your service task and can be shared through SMS or email across all teams involved via smartphones, tabs, or laptops.

This way, stakeholders can have a closer view of every project with actionable insights and easy sharing access. They can directly access up-to-date details such as current work order status, customer history, priority work orders, type of issue, arrival/departure time, etc.


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Paperless Approach
Instead of managing piles of forms and papers, choose the paperless approach with our field service management software.
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Save on Time
The automated work order takes less time to manage, track, and access the essential information. In this way, field technicians can focus more on customer problems.
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Better Communication
Sharing documents or files online means faster communication between your workers and clients with better coordination.
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Customer Experience
Providing customers, a mobile workforce that can communicate seamlessly to deliver a quick data-rich solution.

What We Deliver

Share Work Order with Team
  • Allows staff or customer to manage, track, or access the updated information in real-time
  • With WO sharing feature, the operator can create, assign, edit, or re-assign work orders to field workers and update services
  • Automated docs that are easy to access and more secure
  • Better communication and collaboration between teams and with clients
  • Quick access to real-time work order updates like service management, dispatch, or maintenance.

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