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Smart Contracts

Is your business growing with the increase in projects and the workforce? Then, paper contracts for field service wouldn't be a convenient solution. Make your business digital ready by going paperless. FieldEquip helps in digitizing the contract to keep all your important documents in one place so that invoicing becomes rules-driven. With our smart contracts, you can stay ensured that the contract is 100% neutral and non-biased since no intermediaries are involved. These contract forms can be filled online as well as offline mode followed by e-signatures.

We help you keep a track of all the signed contracts and can create new contracts using contract templates. Through FieldEquip, eliminate the possibility of losing a vital contract and make it viewable at any location. We create the price-book for you that allows both operators and suppliers to upload contract price agreements, catalogs, or rate sheets to verify inbound automated invoices and field tickets.


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Maintain Multiple Price-Books
Every contractor or service agency has its pricing. Instead of consulting the contract every single time, seal the deal in the most optimum manner through better collaboration.
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Compare the Contracts
With just a few clicks, analyze the historical contracts with a contractor or multiple contractors before finalizing the new contract.
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Access the Proof Documents
Attach the documents such as images, signed documents, etc., which can be accessed by the contracting parties anytime through the mobile application.
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Work According to Your SLA
Keep track of your KPIs and receive automatic notifications in case you deviate from the value set in the contracts and change your strategy accordingly.

What We Deliver

Signing Contracts through Smart Contracts Digitally
  • Store all contracts within FieldEquip’s software, eliminating the possibility of misplacing a contract
  • Absolute Transparency with no risk of fraud and improve pricing compliance without any audits
  • Be able to view a contract at anytime and anywhere with real-time pricing ability
  • More agile collaboration with the faster turnaround on pricing changes
  • Keep all vital contracts in a single and simple user interface
  • Manage multiple contracts at a single location and access them whenever required

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