FieldEquip Service

FieldEquip is a unified cloud field service software that is built upon latest technology stack to including IoT, big data, analytics and rich user interface via web browser and multi-platform mobile applications that can run online or offline. All the benefits for very minimal OPEX spending, no hassle installation and no high upfront implementation costs.



FieldEquip brings powerful technology to connect field service worker and allow for data collection from IoT enabled or legacy
machines/devices in Field using various methods such as IoT, SSL, BLE


FieldEquip platform provides real-time dashboards for monitoring assets in field and sends push notifications for equipment malfunctions. Provides a big data platform for in-stream and historical predictive analytics on large data volumes


FieldEquip platform provides automated feed from analysis results to the field service via automated work orders on malfunctions and equipment breakdowns to avoid costly shutdowns.

Cloud Technology

A secure online system accessible via any popular web browser. Scalable architecture that automatically expands resources as your data grows and provides high availability and reliability.

Automated Workflows

Automate workflows and processes with thresholds and triggers allowing for the reduction in manual tasks and human error.

API Integration

Easy platform integration with all popular data systems including REST, SQL, NoSQL, MQTT (IoT), SOAP, sockets and more.

IoT Enabled

Ready to accept data from IoT devices in the field and ability to categorize the data properly and analyze to produce faster actions.

IoT Enabled Field Service

Analyze the data for equipment malfunctions and breakdowns to create automatic injection of work orders into the workflows. Avoid expensive production shutdowns.

Big Data Technology

Process high volume data at high velocity to do real-time monitoring and analysis. Provides in-stream data processing for faster actions, particularly in case of high velocity data from IoT streams.

RFID& GPS Asset Tracking

High performance RFID fixed and mobile reader technologies for precision inventory management and tracking. Powerful satellite powered GPS.

Mobile Platform

Mobilize your field workers through our online/offline mobile applications available on iOS, Android and Windows. Multiple options available for intrinsically safe and ruggedized devices along with full support for regular smart phones.

Modules and Features
  • Work Order / Job Service Order Automation
  • Configurable workflow for work order lifecycle including approval and invoicing Site and asset management
  • Work order exchange with other companies
  • Site inventory and asset tracking
  • Smart contracts, SLA & warranty handling
  • Customer facing mobile application
  • GPS tracking of workers in the field
  • Collect real-time data from worker through mobile in field
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Equipment productivity and health data monitoring dashboards
  • Pre-built KPI’s for service and equipment productivity
  • IoT and HTTPS / SSL connectivity to field devices/equipment