Real-Time Risk Management

FieldEquip brings intelligence to the Oilfield through connected field service, IoT data collection, monitoring and prescriptive analytics

Invaluable Real Time Risk Management

The high risk nature of the oil and gas industry is compounded by many factors in the field today. With the need to be competitive and sustainable, many companies are just one big accident away from overriding tragedy. The threats of failing equipment, worker error and unexpected occurrences all make risk management necessary for any oil and gas company.

Through oilfield service software and a certain level of automation, operations can drive business growth due to increased revenue and reduced costs. Automation also enables the back office to focus on critical order tasks and freeing up key resources to focus on critical business activities.

FieldEquip’s oil and gas resource management software offers oilfield operations a competitive advantage by remaining relevant in today’s competitive market by enjoying the perks and plusses of an increasingly digitized industry as other providers demand digitization and mobile resources for logistics.

Enjoy reduced downtimes with real-time analytics, automated prescription of solutions and work orders. This software enables you to monitor field services and track equipment usage (especially rental equipment) while assisting you with unnecessary standby charges. A set workflow, sharable between the back office and the field service operators, increases productivity with streamlined workflows and processes via automation. This workflow will help track labor and tasks in the field from the back office in REAL TIME.



Line of Sight Into Field

Without a means to predict when equipment in the field will be down, production time can be compromised, increasing operational costs. FieldEquip offers technological solutions to the risk management challenge. Ouroilfield service softwareoffers real time data monitoring. The platform collects data from the field to help provide the back office and on site managers the most comprehensive picture of operations possible. It also reduces menial tasks for workers in the field. Less time spent taking readings and measurements means more time with eyes on field operations and safety.

Equipment Failure Mitigation

FieldEquip’s oil and gas field service and production software features risk management solutions through analytics. The analytics offered include equipment failure mitigation. Through asset tracking and real time data analysis, the platform can predict equipment failure. This information and mitigation reduces safety concerns.

Customizable and Scalable Platform

FieldEquip’s data collection is customizable for many operations. Field equipment and assets can be monitored through the cloud using Amazon Web Services or another Internet of Things platform. It also features a FieldEquip edge gateway with more protocol options. This advanced technology integrates into many situations and will allow all personnel a better picture of operations.

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