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Field Service Software for Oil Logistics

Reshaping Oil Logistics Industry with Next-Gen Capabilities of FieldEquip

Nowadays, oil logistics companies demand real-time visibility for most of their field operations, including placing an order, scheduling it, or loading it from terminals to warehouses for better efficiency. 

FieldEquip, a highly configurable SaaS software, leverages value-driven technology to provide companies with a rich layer of information and assist them in timely oil loading and unloading, reducing operational costs, improving the customer service experience, and more.

Besides, the efficient software facilitates order-based loading, eliminates manual processing and errors, optimizes oil truck routes, tracks the real-time progress of drivers, manages invoices and billing, and checks for inspection schedules. 

The software helps companies unify suppliers and operators and stay proactive and seamlessly fulfill customers’ commercial requirements. Redefine oil logistics operations with FieldEquip. 

Key Features

Digital Field Service Ticket Software

Field E-Ticketing

Eliminate paper-based field ticketing processes and speed up form-based legacy applications through automation powered by integrated digitalization. Digital Field Ticketing Software accelerates job reporting and eliminates invoicing errors shortening the service-to-cash cycle. The mobile app processes e-tickets data offline and online. When offline, the data is stored in the mobile device and automatically transmits information when it detects network coverage.

Scheduling and Dispatch FSM Product

Scheduling & Dispatch​

With a web-based user interface and GPS integration, FieldEquip allows operators to schedule and dispatch work assignments quickly. In addition, the advanced search capabilities allow them and management to assign work orders to appropriate technicians based on skills and other parameters like proximity and availability.

Field Service Inspection Checklist Software

Inspection & Task Checklist

Reduce the scope of inspection errors and follow predefined procedural standards while offering consistent field inspection services to customers. Design customized checklists using an easy drag-and-drop builder to elevate the quality of field inspections.

Field Assets Geo Tracking

Geo-Tracking & Geo-Fencing

Get a geographical view of all field personnel, warehouses, and customers. Set individual service areas through geofencing to improve responsiveness to customers.

Invoicing and Billing_Product_page


Quit papers and create automatic invoices for multiple vendors to track expenses in a click with field service billing software. In addition, field operators can now generate an error-free invoice by digitally updating the correct customer details when required.

Work Order Management Product

Work Order Sharing

Get access to complete customer context by sharing the work order information between teams or clients. This helps stakeholders maintain a record and access the updated information of a worker and even track him in real-time.

Workflow Management Product Page

Customized Workflow & Notification

The cloud-based app solution fosters a customized workflow to define tasks and manage business operations. In addition, FieldEquip’s mobile app enhances team collaboration by tracking field technicians via mobile notifications for better decisions and increased efficiency.

Field Service Contract Management Software

Smart Contract

FieldEquip helps digitize the contract to keep all essential documents in one place so that invoicing becomes rules-driven. This enables you to increase workforce efficiency and streamline business operations.


Ask us about FieldEquip’s Field Service Solution for Oil Logistics Industry

Field Service Software assists the oil logistics industry in eliminating manual processing and automating the entire lifecycle of logistics loading on one platform. FieldEquip, a pioneer oil logistics software, helps schedule and optimize routes for oil trucks, assign drivers with work orders, track their progress in real-time, manage invoices and billing, check for inspection schedules, etc.

The software allows oil logistics companies to proactively get insights into drivers’ routes, resolve issues with dispatch loads, such as driver allocation, authorization, and certification, and guide them if lost on their way.

FieldEquip is an all-in-one field service software with value-driven features which can quickly address the challenges of the oil logistics industry. From digitally creating tickets, scheduling, assigning experienced drivers to load and unload oil to warehouses to checking for inspection schedules, and managing invoices and billing, companies can overcome day-to-day challenges with a click of the software.

Yes, absolutely. Whether dealing with one or multiple customers, you can create customized contracts for each industry client, keep track of history on the go and digitally sign contracts, and do a lot more using this efficient FSM software.

FieldEquip helps you proactively alert your customers with issues like invalid driver authorization, alert for an outage, timely delivery, digitally signing contracts and sending and receiving signatures, allocation exceptions, etc.

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