FieldEquip brings intelligence to the Oilfield through connected field service, IoT data collection, monitoring and prescriptive analytics


FieldEquip ExpertiseWho is FieldEquip and What Can They Do For You?

The Oil and Gas Industry offers companies a variety of challenges, often pulling companies in many directions at once. The focus of the best companies is being versatile.

The technology of today’s global production starts with companies like FieldEquip. We make the petrochemical industry more efficient and productive with oil and gas software for oilfield services management. In the Oil and Gas Industry, FieldEquip makes use of many technological advancements to enable faster growth and better results for its users. In today’s industry, the ability to adapt and adjust is key. To put it simply:






“In today’s era of volatility, there is no other way but to reinvent. The only sustainable advantage you can have over others is agility, that’s it.
-Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder

FieldEquip has optimized current technology like connected field service, prescriptive analytics and intelligent automation to give oil and gas producers the edge in a dynamic industry. It features real time resource management and asset management as well as cloud field service.

FieldEquip utilizes a mix of technology and innovation to make oil and gas producers more efficient. FieldEquip oilfield service software offers the automation of many aspects of your operations, thus opening up manpower to do more advanced tasks. It can provide producers individualized attention with oil and gas software for oilfield management that is scalable and adaptive for field service solutions.

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