Midstream Services

FieldEquip brings intelligence to the Oilfield through connected field service, IoT data collection, monitoring and prescriptive analytics

oil workerMidstream Operations Solutions

Midstream services demand a high level of competency both from management and field workers. Data collection and monitoring as well as work order and job progress updates are essential for successful operations.

FieldEquip oil and gas software for field service operations make the connection between field service worker to back office much more accurate and current through job service order automation and connecting field service workers.

Midstream Worker Communication

The FieldEquip oil and gas software for field service allows midstream workers and managers to communicate through cloud technology and in field technology. The worker can keep the back office updated on jobs in real time with the FieldEquip’s multi-platform mobile app.

Back Office Integration

The office can instantly locate workers and assets through GPS tracking for instant contact. Monitoring workers and assets can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. The mobile app allows for entry of field ticket data from all aspects of the job. The data can be approved as soon as the work is completed.

Midstream Asset Management

The FieldEquip platform also allows users the ability to track asset costs for better analysis of the field. The platform tracks total cost of each asset on any site. The platform enables users to monitor equipment costs with rental assets and service costs included.

Advanced Analytic Power

Our oilfield service software platform performs in a multifaceted approach allowing automated data collection and an automated data feed to the back office for analysis/work order implementation. Work orders and job processes are configurable into templates to improve cash flow through low DSO.

To see how FieldEquip’s Oil and Gas Service can improve midstream services for your organization contact us at 281-815-4314.