Prat Gupta

Founder and CEO

As Founder of Bursys in 2005, he has built a premium outsourcing business specializing in Information Technology, Engineering Design and manufacturing. Prat has been very active as a Virtual Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to Bursys’ global clients, where he has provided strategy direction for re-architecting age old software into software for new world with full interconnectivity between the industrial facilities and enterprises. Lately, he has been intimately involved with the transformation happening in the mail and package sorting business globally. He has been working in the evolution of new software that can survive the changing landscape of paper based mailing industry and connect the equipment to the enterprise systems leading to better integration beyond the industrial site floors.

Earlier, Prat has been a Software Architect and consultant in various capacities for over 20 years. Most notably, he has served as Manager of Advanced Web Technologies at Deloitte Consulting Group, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at eCommLink, a financial Cloud Software company, Senior Architect at Sapient Corp. During his consulting career, he has worked with some major clients such as Compaq Computer, Pennzoil, Reliant Energy, Pacific Gas & Electric, Anadarko Petroleum, Autobytel, and Scholastic. He understands the dynamics and challenges of large and small corporations.

He was the founding team member of the software Jobvision (Autosys visualization tool) acquired and sold by Computer Associates. As a senior architect for web technologies, he had been instrumental in transforming the Compaq Computer’s online outlet eCommerce website in 1999. He has always played an important role in transformation of companies business by utilizing the cutting edge technologies. During his career in consulting, he has worked extensively on enterprise architecture at large corporations such as Anadarko, PG&E and so on. Most recently, he has been instrumental in architecture and implementation of mail & package sorting software for a sorting equipment manufacturer. This has helped the company to gain leadership in the industry and allowed to connect machines to enterprises.

Prat has received a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from National Institute of Technology, India and then Ph.D. and Master’s degree in Civil Engineering with focus on Structural/Computational Mechanics from University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, USA. Prat has co-authored numerous international publications including several papers in reputable journals like American Society of Civil Engineers and presented at various International conferences worldwide.