Features Basic Pro Enterprise
Create New Proposal
Job Scheduling
Work Order Management
Configurable Work Order Types
Configurable Workflow
Resource Planning
Work Order Modifications
Work Order Comments
File Attachments 50MB 100MB Unlimited
Notifications Control
Onsite Warehouse
Mobile Warehouse
Central Warehouse
Part Mapping
Internal Part Transfer
Work Order Exchange
Level of Trust
Product Catalog Management
Order Spare Parts
Part Mapping
Catalog View
Contracts and Entitlement
Fix Service Contract
Contract Compliance
Service Level Agreement Setup & Compliance
Warranty Handling
Time & Material Service Contract (Smart Contract)
Resource Utilization
Time Tracking for Hourly Workers
Service Report Templates
Web Dashboard
Mobile Dashboard
Mobile Apps
On duty / Off duty feature
Work Order Creation
Work Order Approval
Work Order Signature Capture
Technician Geo-location
Internal Part Transfer
Photo/Video Capture
Time Capture
Service History of an Asset
Work Order Comments
Mobile Printing
Job Task Lists
Customer Management
Number of Assets 2 machines/site 5 machines/site Unlimited
Customer self-service
Customer Accounts and Contacts
Asset/ Field Equip Management
Service History of an Asset
Social Collaboration
Knowledge Base
Chat messaging within the group
Line of Sight
Augmented Reality
IoT & Analytics
Field Data Collection
Field Data Analytics
Field Service Technician Tracking (Geo fencing & tracking)
3rd Party Integration
Fully-Supported API
Integration with Accounting Systems
Open API for other ERP systems
Level of Support web only web only & phone (business hours only) 24x7 web and phone support
Packages Pricing
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