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Data Analytics & Reporting

Know your business pulse by leveraging FieldEqup’s data analytics & reporting feature. Our field reporting solution empowers your business to turn collected information into actionable data through data analysis tools. It can create customized reports with an in-built dashboard using data collected from field operations.

FieldEquip includes a feature that sends in customized reports that include both revenue and operations reports. You can check the past month’s records including the current work order, know who is working at which site, and how much time each worker is spending on which project. With customization, you can automatically receive information on your projects in whichever way you desire.


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Two Software at the Cost of One
Our in-built dashboard stops you from buying another software or system to look at your field. It offers data-driven insights through Gantt charts, graphs, and workflow automation.
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Customize Based on Priority
Separate the important charts from the mid-level priority charts by customizing the screens according to business needs.
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Easy Reporting
Integrate FieldEquip with your system and make the reports directly from the software, reducing human errors and time.
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Easy Access to Historical Trends
Benefit from our easy-to-access historical trends emphasizes on understanding the past patterns and make smarter decisions to streamline our field/facility.

What We Deliver

Automated Field Service Reporting Process
  • Customize the screen according to your priorities. Make multiple screens according to the needed level of attention.
  • Integrate your established ERP system, irrespective of the vendor, and automate your reporting processes with less human efforts as well as errors.
  • Make the dashboards colorful so that you can differentiate the good and the bad without even putting much effort.
  • Customize the reporting according to the customers’ business contracts and the timeline.
  • Save time in finding the right piece of information with easy access to historical trends.

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