Arloe Fontenot

“FieldEquip has enabled us to digitally generate and report our field tickets faster as well as reduce our carbon footprint”

Zackry L

“FieldEquip, a division of Bursys, is an extremely valuable tool and asset that gives both our operations team and our customer data that we can act on in real time. FieldEquip’s support team and management have been very responsive and helpful every step of the way.”

Ops Manager

“FieldEquip has really helped us digitize and standardize our operations.  I don’t have to sort through paperwork every day. FieldEquip provides a clear visibility to the chemical levels in the field on a dashboard and I can schedule deliveries with few clicks.  My truck drivers and warehouse manager get automatic notifications on their mobile App and complete information…”

Field Tech

“We used to spend hours in entering the data into Excel sheets, emailing them to back office and customers. FieldEquip has made my life so easy. I don’t have to keep carrying my laptop around to enter data into Excel sheets. I was able to quickly download the App from Apple Store and start using in minutes. I clearly see the Wells assigned on my App and sorted properly…”

Ralf Kolsen

“FieldEquip implementation is really helping our service organization to have better utilization of resources, better internal and external communications and much better cash flow/revenue protection. It brings excellent service to our customers small and large alike, such as Deutsche Post/DHL. We are investigating with BursysTecX team to enable monitoring and predictive…”

Ralf Neben

“We are very excited to have this FieldEquip cloud software as we can train our technicians on easy-to-use mobile application very quickly. I can schedule/dispatch and monitor our technicians in the field very effectively and remotely using desktop and mobile applications. Most of the tickets flow automatically to the technicians with notifications to me.”

Mortiz Block

“FieldEquip is saving us hours of paperwork or entering data into excel sheets. The easy-to-use mobile application sends me active alerts when work orders are dispatched to me or break-fix tickets are created by customer on equipment. I can see problem description on my phone, see the service history and keep track of the time as well. I can easily search parts availability and request…”